Worm Compost: A beginner’s guide | Organic Terrace Garden


Don’t all of us love a terrace garden? Would it not be great if we could grow our food in our own organic terrace garden? In this series on Organic Terrace Garden – The new fitness mantra, that’s exactly what we are trying to promote. Growing your own tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, beans, okra or any other vegetable, all without pesticides. Home and garden have always been considered to compliment each other. So instead of watching tv or munching on junk, why not get your hands dirty for few hours in the sun! It need not be hardcore farming or agriculture, but a little green garden of your own that will give you the satisfaction of having grown your own food in your garden. In fact, you don’t have to throw away any waste that is generated in your household. All of it can be used to generate compost or manure with which growing organic vegetables is a joy! Watch this video for more details!

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video source: www.youtube.com

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