Wood Ash or Rock Dust a Better Fertilizer? & more Gardening Q&A


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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03:57 Where can I purchase Chilean Guava Plants?
05:49 What fruit producing hardy evergreen shrub can I plant in Vancouver?
07:10 Is wood ash or Rock dust better as fertilizer?
10:13 Gardening in plastic crates vs untreated wood?
14:53 What are the easiest vegetable seeds to grow?
20:17 Why do you grow in raised beds instead of the ground?
22:21 How do you deal with Fire Ants in the garden should I use chemicals?
24:18 Can you make more videos growing food indoors in an apartment?
26:11 Do you have a video constructing your large timber raised beds?
27:46 How healthy is Juicing for you? Should I start juicing?
33:49 How can I deal with Aphids on my pepper plants when I can’t get ladybugs?

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