Will adding Mushrooms to Compost Make it Fungal Dominated & More Gardening Q&A


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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01:35 Should I compost over a grass lawn or remove it before planting a garden?
02:29 What web site are the fermentation crocks available that you used?
03:01 What is the update on the Sun-Mar Composter?
05:35 How do I apply rock dust and Sea-90?
07:53 At the end of the season do I just add new compost and NOT till it?
09:29 Will adding mushrooms to my compost make it fungal dominated?
10:19 What are your suggestions for dealing with bugs in acontainer garden?
14:15 Do you keep bees? What are your thoughts on keeping bees?
17:49 What are the best vegetables to grow in Los Angeles? Can I grow tomatoes year round?

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