Why Rock Dust Does Not Work


John from goes on a field trip to Vermont to visit the family farm of Tom Vanacore. In this episode you will discover Why Rock Dust Does NOT work as well as Tom’s answers to many more questions including:

01:47 Why rock dust does not work?
04:52 How can rock dust help you have a better garden?
07:00 Are crops grown with rock dust more nutritious?
09:23 Where can someone find Scientific Research Studies about Rock Dust?
11:28 How can a gardener capture green house gasses in their soil to negate global warming?
16:02 What are the problems with glacial rock dusts?
19:59 Is Azomite rock dust? Is it valuable?
23:22 Which is better rock dust or biochar?
26:05 Why is it important to activate your rock dust? how do you do it?
30:13 What is paramagnetics in rock dust? How can it help your garden?
38:20 Different types of Rock Dusts available from Rock Dust local thru the mail.
43:00 What is important to get a proper rock dust? Can I just use granite dust?

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