What’s a GMO? Are GMOs Safe? Learn the Shocking Truth


John from interviews special Guest, Jeffrey Smith in his garden. In this episode, you will learn the answers to many questions you may have about Genetically Modified Organisms and how they can affect you and your family.

You will discover if GMO Foods are safe as well as if GMO crops can feed the world. You will also find out if they actually SAVE water in these times of drought and much, much more.

After watching this episode, you will be more educated on the GMO issue and be better able to determine if you would like to include GMO foods in you and your families diet.

In this episode, John asks Jeffrey the following questions:
03:05 What is your background and why do you know so much about GMOs?
04:50 What is a GMO? and what does G M O Stand for?
07:44 Haven’t humans been modifying plants for hundreds of years?
08:10 Are GMOs really different than Hybrid seeds or Heirloom Seeds?
10:00 How are GMOs different than traditional breeding techniques?
11:07 What are some of the different GMO crosses that have been done?
11:45 Did they Genetically Modify Tomatoes with Fish Genes?
12:04 What are the common foods in the Supermarket that are GMO?
14:39 Are there any studies on what happens to animals when they eat GMO foods?
16:45 What are some of the problems with glyphosate and RoundUp?
20:58 What are the problems associated with eating meat and GMOs?
21:38 GMOs are not poison. You have been eating GMOs all your life.
25:29 GMOs are not bad. We need GMOs to solve the World Problems?
30:31 Prestigious organizations as well as 1800 studies say GMOs are safe?
33:09 We have been modifying plants for 10,000 years, GMOs are no different.
33:41 Why are GMOs allowed in the USA but not in many other countries?
34:41 What about GMO Golden Rice – Can it help save children?
39:00 Are vegetable plant starts you buy at a big box store or nursery GMO?
44:11 Is it true that that USDA just came out with an official NON GMO label?

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