What is Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)?


Achillea millefolium is known by the common names of Common Yarrow and Lace plant.

It is an herbaceous plant that makes a great companion plant as it can attract predatory insects to the garden and is able to improve soil. Their leaves are great for composting.

It is a hardy plant that is tolerant to both drought and deer. However, it can be an aggressive grower, so be sure to grow in a contained area.

Plants can reach 90 cm (three feet) in height and spread out by about the same amount.

Sow seeds at about 6 mm (1/4 inch) at the start of spring or in the autumn (fall).

Plants perform best in a sunny area in zones three to nine, and they enjoy a poor to average soil.

Deadhead blooms to keep the plants tidy, and divide every couple of years to maintain shape.

Due to photosensitivity be sure to use gloves when handling plants.

To find out much more about how to grow and care for Achillea millefolium visit this page of GardenersHQ

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