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With the help of organic farming experts, community leaders and volunteers, we help start-up small vegetable gardens in village homes, provide seeds and training to local people to grow their own organic veg and fruits in their own premises. More nutritional food, saves money and also earns them extra income with co-op sales!

Heal the soil is hosting first of its kind
Permaculture Design Course in India

The course venue will be in low income community of a small village called Kottakarai near Auroville in South India.

This will be a hands on learning while transforming the open spaces around village houses into kitchen gardens and training local people with permaculture methods.

At the same time participants from around the world will gain an in depth understand and knowledge to implement a sustainable model which will benefit the entire village and its residents towards a beautiful and self sufficient ‘Permaculture Transition Village’.

The course will be given by
Bernard Alonso – www.permacultureinternatio​
Ilumalai – Co founder Heal the soil CSA
Combined with the Flying Team (Permaculturist from around the world)

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