Vegetable Container Gardening


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you vegetable container gardening! Don’t let flowers and plants be the only thing bringing life to your deck or patio. Instead, try your hand at a vegetable garden within your current container garden. Before beginning growing vegetables, choose an area on your deck or patio that sees at least six hours of sunlight each day. Fill the planter with all-purpose potting soil, and make sure your planter has holes in the bottom for drainage purposes. You’ll then want to remove a transplant from its nursery pot, untangling the roots as you do so if they are matted. Within the container garden, set the plant at the same level it was growing in its pot. Repeat for all the plants within the small vegetable gardens. Water the soil until it is evenly soaked and water is seeping out through the drainage holes. Larger planters can go a few days beween waterings, but smaller planters may need to be watered everyday. Vegetable gardening has just been made a bit easier, as the elevated planter saves your back during harvest. These container garden ideas are great for other flowers and plants as well, so try mixing up your outdoor space with a planter!

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