Urine as Organic Fertilizer ? + More Gardening Questions & Answers


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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01:57 What can I use as a filler for my tall raised beds to decrease the cost of the soil?
03:57 I have small flies on my indoor pepper plants. What are they? How do I control them?
08:15 I want to grow a few new plants. Do you offer plants or seeds?
09:50 You never made a video of the best worm casting to grow with?
11:18 Can I Eat Rock Dust or other Rock Dust Powders?
13:12 We are moving to Big Island, Hawaii. Can I grow fruit trees with limited soil?
16:00 Help! My Vietnamese Corriander plant is loosing all its leaves!
18:16 Where can I get a transplant for the Arivipa Avocado in Las Vegas?
18:49 Is Peeing Directly on the soil good for the plants?
21:20 I can’t find wheatgrass trays in my area. How deep are they?
23:19 Can you help me put in a garden at my house in humble texas?
26:33 How do you harvest Aloe Vera and remove brown leaves?
28:04 Do you have any black maderia fig trees for sale?

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