Tropical Permaculture Fruit Forest Feeds Off Grid Family


John from visits his friends permaculture-style tropical fruit forest orchard that is growing enough food to meet the entire food needs of the family that live on the property.

In this episode, you will discover how on this 10 acre homestead the family is producing enough food to feed themselves WITHOUT bringing in external inputs such as fertilizers, manures or other animal products to create fertility on the property.

You will learn about some of the many varieties of fruit trees that you may want to grow if you live in the tropics and you want to subsist on the food on your property.

You will discover how this land was made fertile by simply bringing in one soil nutrient in massive quantity as well as growing nitrogen fixing trees that build the soil to feed the trees, plants and vegetables that are now growing on the property.

You will also discover how it is possible to live off your land by eating a simple, nutrient dense fruits and vegetable diet and how you can do this without having any animals on property that may take significant time to tend.

Finally you will discover some actions you can take to start growing part of your own food no matter where in the world you currently live.

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