Top Reason Why Biochar Doesn’t Increase Crop Yields & 5 Ways to Fix it


John from shares with you the top reason why biochar does not always work for people in their garden and 5 ways you can easily fix this problem.

In this episode, John visits the farm of Josiah Hunt, Biochar expert who will share with John 5 ways to activate or charge your biochar before you use it for the best results.

Many people have been using biochar with great success, but others have failed to get desired results using biochar and this may be the answer. The methods included in this episode should be used when making biochar for the greatest soil benefit (especially way #4)

At the end of this episode, John interviews Josiah Hunt about if biochar is a new fad soil amendment that you must purchase, why it is different than other carbon sources in your soil such as composted woodchips and why you should start using some biochar in your garden or farm today to see superior results and build your soil instead of destroy it.

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