Top 3 Easy Bananas to Grow & Residential Micro Farm Tour


John from visits Seaview Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii who grows Bananas, Pineapples as well as other fruits and vegetables in a standard residential 7500 sq ft lot.

In this episode, you will get a tour of the 7500 sq ft lot to learn what low maintenance crops are being grown including bananas, pineapple, peppers, beans, fruit trees and more. You will discover the plant spacing for planting bananas and pineapple as close as possible while still getting respectable yields.

Finally, John will interview Rob, the farmer at the farm that started growing food 7 years ago when he moved to Hawaii from California and wanted to grow a portion of his own food. You will learn the easiest 3 bananas to grow. Rob will also share his favorite tasting banana varieties with you. Next he will share the time it takes to grow pineapples and bananas from baby plant to harvest.

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