Top 10 Tropical Fruit Trees You Must Grow if You Live in the Tropics


John from shares with you his top 10 favorite sweet fruit trees he would grow if he lived in the tropics, such as South Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, SE Asia, Thailand, South America or Central America, etc.

In this episode, John visits Excalibur Fruit Tree Nursery in Lake Worth, Florida to share with you the 10 staple fruit trees he would grow along with 3 bonus perennial vegetables that he would also grow.

You will discover why John chooses some of these unique kinds of fruits as well as the cultivars that John would grow based on his needs of growing the most nutritious food on the planet.

After watching this episode, you will have a good idea on what fruit trees you will want to plant if you are blessed to live in a tropical climate zone.

In this Episode, John will cover the following plants:
04:57 Katuk (Sauropus androgynus)
07:48 Malabar Spinach / Water Spinach
08:41 Sugar Cane
10:41 Papaya
11:32 Banana
12:42 Black Sapote
14:13 Mullberry
15:15 Jackfruit
16:22 Mamey Sapote
17:26 Sapodilla
19:02 Pinapple
20:01 Acai
20:47 Mango

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