Top 10 DEADLY Plants NOT To Mess With!


Welcome to Top10Archive! Earth’s abundance of flora and fauna often seems perfectly suited for people with its multitude of fruits, vegetables, and other edible vegetation, but Mother Nature isn’t always so kind. Throughout Earth’s history, its vegetation has created defensive mechanisms to ward off potentially harmful insects or predators, including the human race. From a beautiful ornamental plant to a group of deadly perennials, these are our top picks of deadly plants.

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10. Angel’s Trumpet
9. Doll’s Eye
8. English Yew
7. Bushman’s Poison
6. Strychnine Tree
5. Crab’s Eye
4. Spotted Water Hemlock
3. The Suicide Tree
2. Little Apple of Death
1. Wolfsbane

Cerberin: The Heartbreaker of the Suicide Tree
The Manchineel Tree, Proof That Mother Nature Hates Us

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