Tomato Wrapping Update: My Greenhouse Goto Now


I’ve seen enough. Tomato wrapping is what I will use in the greenhouse and my plans will incorporate it. Each time I wrap a vine around the cage, that equates to 3 foot of growth. 4 wraps and that is 12 foot of vertical single-stem growth. The amount of flowers and tomatoes are fantastic. The trusses are huge and the plants are very healthy despite trimming. In the video, I suggest anecdotal evidence to it, but it could be other things. Regardless, I’ve seen enough and it’s what I’m doing because it is simple. Wrap stem and break off leaves below tip’s last flowering cluster. It’s a smaller tomato footprint, LOTS of production, at picking level, doesn’t need lowering, and doesn’t put lots of weight on the greenhouse structure!

My name is Brent and I live in central Arkansas. Love to garden and dabble in hydroponics–Drip Systems, Deep Water Culture Systems, Self Watering Containers, & modified Rain Gutter Grow Systems in the greenhouse. A big part of it is experimentation. I would love to hear from you. Join the conversation and share who you are here with me!

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