The Stomach Of A Carnivorous Plant. Dissecting a Tropical Nepenthes Pitcher Plant (2013 re-release)


Some company claimed copyright on the song that was NOT theirs. I bought the song from itunes Royalty free music. The name of the song they claim med wasn’t even the same name. Plus I had the reciept to prove I bought it and That it was royalty free song of a different name. Youtube didn’t care and sided with the big company for the dispute and they took over monitization. So im not going to let them make money off the claim that is untrue.
i tried to fight it, told them I have the reciept that proves it isn’t even the song that “ADSHARE MG for THIRD PARTY ON BEHALF OF: PREMIER TRACKS” claims it is but like I say Youtube didn’t care. there is even about 40 seconds where the music is now gone in the midle of the video. That 40 seconds is what they claimed!
still had to comply somewhat, in the middle of the video, the music disappears for 40 seconds. That was the part of the song that they claimed it was theirs, not the whole song from start to finish, just that 40 seconds. It is a joke….

Inside The Stomach Of A Carnivorous Plant. Dissecting a Tropical Nepenthes Pitcher Plant.
This song was purchase on Apple iTunes on Aug 1st/13 from “Royalty free music” The name of the song is “Scary Rock Heavy Gothic Feel”.
Nepenthes (/nɨˈpɛnθiːz/), popularly known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, is a genus of carnivorous plants in the monotypic family Nepenthaceae. The genus comprises roughly 140 species, and numerous natural and many cultivated hybrids. They are mostly liana-forming plants of the Old World tropics, ranging from South China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; westward to Madagascar (two species) and the Seychelles (one); southward to Australia (three) and New Caledonia (one); and northward to India (one) and Sri Lanka (one). The greatest diversity occurs on Borneo and Sumatra, with many endemic species. Many are plants of hot, humid, lowland areas, but the majority are tropical montane plants, receiving warm days but cool to cold, humid nights year round. A few are considered tropical alpine, with cool days and nights near freezing. The name “monkey cups” refers to the fact that monkeys have been observed drinking rainwater from these plants.- wiki
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