The Best Annual Flowers of 2014


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you the best annual flowers of 2014! Rather than choosing the same outdoor plants for your garden this year, try your hand at the eye-catching new annuals that have just hit the market. The Blue-A-Fuse petunias pack a lively punch with their variegated purple, yellow, and white flowers that are completely unique from one another. With no two flowers being the same, these petunias work great in beds, borders, or in containers. Gomphrena has been prized above others by cut flower enthusiasts as the color doesn’t fade in flower arrangements, but these annual flowers do have a tendency to grow too tall in gardens and flop over. This new variety called Pinball gomphrena stays compact and produces brilliant purple and white flowers, giving gardeners the best of both worlds. If you have a shady spot that needs some brightness added to it, try Grape-O-Licious torenia. These annuals are drought and deer resistant, and bloom petite white flowers continuously until the first frost arrives. A fresh addition to the hibiscus family, the Cherry Mojito HibisQ produces wowing blooms throughout the summer and makes for a great container plant with other annuals flowers. Zahara Sunburst zinnias have gained traction over the years, and this cheerful variety brings a happy aura to your garden with its yellow and orange blooms. Allow your gardens to explode with color after you give some of these new annual flowers a try!

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