Storing Cannas and Bulb Flowers in Winter


Tips for Planting Your Favorite Bulbs:
Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you these tips for storing cannas and bulb flowers in winter! When winter rolls around, don’t let your cannas or other bulb flowers perish along with warmer weather. Save money by digging up and storing these garden flowers each winter. Once the first frost of the season hits and leaves begin to wither, lift the clump of the canna bulb and plant from the ground using a spading fork. Avoid slicing the bulbs as you do so. With your hands, remove as much soil as you can from the roots and cut back the stalks for easy storage. Make clean cuts with a knife on each of the plants, leaving roots and at least one shoot on each division. Lay these clumps in a cool, dry place protected from increasing temperatures for about a week to dry out. Label each clump with a variety name, such as canna flower, so you know what you’ll be planting next spring. Once the clumps are dried out, cut the top of the growth off, leaving the one to two inches of the stem and roots intact. Pour a layer of peat moss into the bottom of a cardboard box or paper bag and place the bulbs on top. Cover with another layer of peat moss to prevent the bulbs from losing their moisture too quickly. Store the box in a dry place that stays above freezing for the winter, and your garden plants will be ready when temperatures remain above 32 degrees. Keep these gardening ideas in mind to save yourself time and money when planting bulbs each springtime!

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