starting lotus from seed


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Availability: in india you will find in grocery shops as it is sold as a edible food item.local lotus seler or natural pond/lakes can be your source of native variety of lotus seed.

Sprouting. sprout it in a clean water do not mixup with water where there are snails they will eat the seed contents.change the water if it gets milky due to seed.

final pot: make sure your pot provides enough space for the tubers to run around so that they can sprout more and give you enough leaf and flower.

Soil:good clay soil with timely feed of 19,19,19 should do. maybe every 45 days though water or in paper chits

buying: be careful what you are buying i have found ebay seller no to be worthy. if anybody is selling blue lotus seed steer clear he himself does not know there is no blue lotus or he is cheating you.

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