Spirulina can be Dangerous to your Health? & More Gardening Q&A


John from shares his response to some of the comments about growing spirulina in a fish tank and also answers your organic gardening questions.

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After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

01:56 Growing Spirulina in a fish tank not organic using chemical fertilizers..
04:38 Eating Your Home Grown Spirulina will cause 95% of people to get sick from bacteria.
07:04 Spirulina is Pond scum.
07:55 Growing Spirulina doesn’t seem natural
09:40 Eating Algae is an odd practice.. I have heard spirulina has links to cancer and stuff…
12:43 There may be some serious issues with spirulina and HYPE when people are selling things.
15:45 How do you keep your spirulina culture pure?
17:58 What are the best crops I can grow in San Diego?
19:56 Do you feel your lifestyle prevents if not eliminates the common cold?
22:18 Will my 80% ripe peppers produce viable pepper seeds?
24:44 What is the best irrigation system for Hot Desert in Arizona?
26:28 What can I grow in my screened-in patio in South Florida?
28:16 What can I do about mice destroying the garden?
29:26 Have you ever made a video about your favorite garden tools?
30:14 How do you protect your plants from frost?

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