Soda Bottle Watering System For Growing Plants In Containers


Here’s a link to a question about the way it works:

We grow peppers and eggplant in these half barrels and it works really well except in the summer when it gets hot and

dry. It takes a long time if you’re running a sprinkler to get these things to get enough water and because I drilled

drainage holes in the bottom, I should have what time about 4 inches from the bottom on the side of barrel, I’ve

mentioned that before.

So I was looking different watering systems and Donald over on webcajun video on how he waters his plants using a

piece of PVC pipe and he mentioned he got the idea from a guy named Jeff over at Bologna ringRanch and I watched both

videos and this is my my version for watering these half barrels.

First remove the cap from a 2 liter soda bottle then take a flat screwdriver and stick under the collar that remains

on the bottleneck and twist it till it snaps off. Then take the soda bottle stick it upside down in a vice and take a

2 inch hole saw and cut a hole in the bottom, start with the side going forward until the drill bit goes through the

bottle and then put it in reverse to finish the whole.

Take some 1 inch PVC and cut it into 12 inch long pieces, stick one end of it in the vice, then take a heat gun and

shoot it down through the center of the pipe. I’m going to let the video run here in full time because it doesn’t take

that long to soften the pipe, just so you get an idea of how long it takes to soften the pipe with the heat gun on

high. When a pipe is soft enough use two hands push down firmly on the bottle and screw the bottle into the pipe until

the whole neck of the bottle is seated in the pipe and then let it cool.

You can’t push on the bottle to put these into the dirt it will either crush the bottle or separate it from the pipe

so take another piece of pipe make a hole part of the distance you want the thing in the dirt, if you want it 9 inches

on the ground push a piece of pipe 6 inches into the ground first then insert the bottle and take the other piece of

pipe slide it inside the bottle and use that to push it 3 more inches into the dirt and then fill it with water.

The first time I used them about a third to about a quarter of the water drained out between a half an hour and an

hour it took over night for the rest of the water to drain out of the bottles.

I don’t know how they’d work just stuck into the ground in a regular garden but it might be worth a shot to try one

and if you let me know how it works out for you.

Well I hope this works for you so far I like it and if you like it please comment, rate and subscribe thanks for

watching, bye.

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