Snoop Dogg pal Ian Neale unveils giant carrot grown in Langstone, Newport in Wales


Ian Neale is a keen giant veg enthusiast and organic crop grower from Langstone in Wales. After months of care and attention he has managed to grow one of the worlds heaviest carrots in his allotment, yet another giant veg achievement for him.

Ian is a bit of a celebrity in the world of giant veg growing, and was even contacted directly by Hip Hop rapper Snoop Dogg who even met up with him in person to get some tips and tricks around the science of growing good crops.

Ian unveils his carrot at the Malvern autumn show in the UK this week.

A brief clip with the current worlds biggest carrot and the biggest onion as unveiled in Harrogate in early September,with fellow UK based giant veg enthusiasts Peter Glazebrook and newbie Tony Glover.


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