Small Scale Permaculture Eco Farm in Tropical Paradise


John from visits a permaculture oasis in the tropics. In this episode, you will discover how the land owner has a full permaculture food forest with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, beans and more without doing ANY work.

You will also get a detailed tour of this small scale permaculture food forest that you can stay, play and enjoy the beauty and fruits of the permaculture designers labor.

You will discover many of the unique, exotic edible and other useful food crops you can grow in the tropics as well as see the many ways this eco farm is growing food.

You will also discover how this permaculture food forest is built ontop of rock and how fertility was created on-site to allow all the fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plants to grow.

You will also learn about the best water to water your plants and how they harness the best water on earth to water their plants that grow abundant harvests of plenty kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more.

You will also learn how you can stay on this permaculture farm on vacation and even take classes from the permaculture designer that created this beautiful farm.

Finally, you will learn how the property owner was able to get a complete turn-key permaculture food forest on his property without lifting a finger as well the best question to ask a permaculture designer if you are considering hiring them to install your garden.

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