Should I thin 2 Pepper Plants Growing Together? & More Garden Q&A


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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02:20 Is it ok to grow two pepper plants together?
05:04 When do I buy organic plants and when do I plant them in Las Vegas?
10:27 Which edibles do you recommend to grow when you have limited light?
13:03 You would look more distinguished if you didn’t dye your hair?
14:44 Is Diatomaceous Earth ok to use? Can you do a video on it?
15:34 When composting do you continually add greens or do you ever stop?
18:15 How can I get ahold of the AquaJet Company?
20:15 How do you donate the $5 for ten minutes of garden tips?
20:31 Is it safe to drink the juice of pinto bean plants?
24:38 Where did you get the clips for your cucumber plants?
25:55 What fertilizer should I use in a hydroponic sprouting system?
28:36 Do you juice Rainbow Chard? I tried to juice it with the Lequip 215XL and it went crazy?
30:37 Is the Wondersoil seed starting mixture that you formulated still available?
32:21 Do you have a video on what you do to your soil when starting a new season?
35:40 Is it more economical to use compost tea or synthetic fertilizers in a hydroponic setup?

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