Sesame cultivation


Sesame — Sesamum indicum is the oldest oilseed crop belongs to the family Pedaliaceae domesticated well over 3000 year ago. The other name of sesame is gingelly. It is the drought tolerant rainfed crop contain high amount of oil in seeds. Sesame oil is rich in omega-6 Fatty acids contain 47% of oleic acid and 25% of protein. Oil contains high level of Natural Antioxidants. This video gives you full information about sesame and its cultivation. It explains what all are the process in sesame cultivation from sowing to harvest. The process involves in sesame cultivation are Land preparation, Sowing, Thinning, weeding, and harvesting of pods. After harvesting the yield of sesame seeds are 450-650 kg/ha. By cultivating sesame crop oil is extracted and oil is used for several purposes
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