Self-Reliance Urban Homestead Creates Fertilizer from Waste FREE


John from visits a Self-Reliant Urban Homestead in the desert to share with you how they are creating fertilizer from local waste resources including their own!

You will also discover many ways to build your soil by creating several types of compost using local and free resources. You will also discover some techniques they are using in the Las Vegas desert to grow more food by reusing some commonly throw away materials.

In this episode, John gives you a tour around this newly established homestead to share with you some of the ways that the family are becoming more eco and peaceful at the same time by conserving the earths resources while enabling them to grow food to be more sustainable.

At the end of the tour, John will interview the homesteaders about why they are growing their food, and why they are using many local, free resources to grow their own food. You will also discover tips on how you can be more eco-peaceful in your life.

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