Public Park Grows Over 500 Varieties of Fruit and Spice Trees that you can Taste


John from goes on a field trip to has favorite public park in the United States…. The fruit and spice park in Homestead, Florida which is home to over 500 varieties of different fruit, spice, herbs, and vegetable plants that you can taste. This is the largest edible botanical garden of its kind that John has ever visited!

In this episiode, John will give you a tour of the fruit and spice park, highlighting some of his favorite areas, as well as some of the many different varieties of tropical fruit trees they have been growing for over 70 years.

You will also discover how the public is able to sample over 500 varieties of fruits at this county owned park.

Just will take you on a scavenger hunt to see what kinds of fruits he will be eating thanks to the park.

You will also discover the best days and times to come to the park that will enable you to have the most bountiful fruit eating experience.

John will also give you a tour of some of the herbs and vegetables they are growing at the park, and give his suggestions to you on edible plants you may want to grow at your home.

Finally, John will share what he would do a little different if he were in charge of the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead, Florida to better educate the public about real food and foods that can easily sustain people in the South Florida climate.

After watching this episode, you will likely learn much about tropical fruits and vegetables, learn about some edibles you should plant around your yard, and discover what John was able to eat for lunch this day.

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