Production Tips for Growers: Tapien & Temari Verbenas


Tapien verbenas are day-neutral plants, but flowering will occur more rapidly under warmer conditions. Suntory started another revolution with the Tapien and Temari verbenas, being the first two of a major series of vegetatively propagated verbenas. Tapien is the groundcover series that produces a multitude of blooms from early spring to late fall. Six colors are available: Blue-Violet, Lilac, Pink, Purple, Salmon, and Pure White. These plants are very adaptable to pots, baskets, window boxes, and landscapes. Presentation of this verbena is best in 4-inch, quarts, and gallons. In warmer areas growers will see Tapien flower throughout the year producing beautiful blooms. In California, Tapien Blue-Violet is possibly the best selling verbena on the market, according to Danny Takao, of Takao Nursery. Suntory’s Temari verbenas became the model for all large-flowered verbena series in the world. Growers can choose from a trailing habit or the more upright patio habit. Plants are continuously upgraded for summer performance and disease resistance. Gorgeous jewel tones include Cherry Red, Blue, Indigo and Burgundy. Watch and learn how to grow Tapien and Temari verbena, and visit to find out more about this and the rest of the Suntory Collection of flowers.
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