Prevent & Reverse Disease with Life Changing Organic Fertilizer


John from shares with you a life-changing organic fertilizer like no other. This fertilizer has been specifically designed to provide specific nutrients that people with certain diseases may be deficient.

In this episode, John will talk about trace minerals and how important they are to health, and how this has been known since the 1930’s. Unfortunately, the majority of conventional and even organic agriculture is not growing food that contains therapeutic amounts of these specific trace minerals.

You will discover how John in the past has attempted to increase the trace minerals in his soil by using rock dust, kelp, ocean minerals, humates and more and how that may not be good enough to turn around chronic disease conditions.

Next, you will learn about the ALL-NEW organic fertilizer that contains specific levels of certain trace minerals that may be helpful against certain disease conditions.

You will learn why this gardener started making this very special organic fertilizer and how it played a part in saving part of his family from cancer.

You will also discover the new GTF Organic Fertilizer that is specifically designed for people with diabetes and people that want to ensure they remain diabetes-free by growing nutrient-dense vegetables that will contain a spectrum of specific trace minerals.

You will also learn the one thing you should never eat that will leach certain precious trace minerals out of your body that may make you more susceptible to disease.

You will learn about a database that documents the different trace minerals in foods as well as what deficiencies are associated with certain diseases and conditions in the body.

You will learn how using this NEW organic fertilizer is different than using rock dust or other trace mineral fertilizers. You will also discover why John believes this is the future of organic fertilizers and why he believes every gardener, farmer should be using this organic fertilizer to build the health of the nation.

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