Prairie Container Gardening


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you prairie container gardening! Transform your garden into a serene meadow by planting prarie flower gardens into pots. Before kicking off your container gardening, select a suitable container for your garden flowers. A lightweight and easy-to-move pot is ideal, especially if it has drainage holes. Don’t worry if yours doesn’t; simply drill several in the bottom, yourself. Place a layer of pebbles or pot shards in the bottom of the pot and fill it with all-purpose potting soil, not garden soil. You’ll want a wide variety of potted plants for this container garden, so choose short cultivars of all-season, common prarie plants. When removing each plant from its pot, make sure that the roots aren’t tangled or root-bound. If they are, pull them apart with your fingers or a garden knife. Set plants into the container at the same depth they grew in their original pot. Water your new container gardening plants. Tend to this garden in the summer by watering it whenever the soil feels dry and snipping off spent flowers. When cold weather arrives, transport the pot to a garage or shed for winter protection. Simple and calming to look at, these gardening ideas help to bring the great frontier to your backyard!

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