**Plant Pink Formosa Azalea Shrub**++Spring Flowering Shrubs++2015++


… You don’t have to wait until next year to enjoy spring flowering azalea plants in your yard. Azaleas are easy to grow, and you plant azalea shrubs now in some shade,like under a pine tree or an oak tree. Azalea plants are flowering shrubs that bloom in many colors, including red, pink and white. Hydrangea bushes form large flower clusters in many colors, including red white and blue, and the blooms are long lasting whether grown outside or as cut flowers to be displayed indoors. Camellia plants begin flowering in the fall, (Camellia sassanqua), and other cultivars of camellias flower later in the winter or spring in colors of red, pink and white or even in variegated forms like the ‘Peppermint” Camellia plants are usually spectacular flowering plants in the Southern States of North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
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