**Plant a Ligustrum Shrub** ++ Correctly ++ Ligustrum texanum, & Shrubs++


For the gardener who plants a ligustrum shrub, he will grow a large evergreen hedge, that in a few years can grow into trees. The ligustrum plant will be salt water tolerant and thrive in full sun.

Liigustrum is an evergreen shrub that can be pruined into a small tree (growing up to 18 feet tall) as the plant ages. Ligustrum can grow during the winter when most other plants are dormant. If you want to plant a dense leafy shrub that will effectively block out automobile choking exhaust gases and also to muffle out the disagreeable street noises, then Ligustrum would be the ideal shrub for your property. Not only is the Ligustrum a wonderful, Privacy screen that blocks out unwanted intruders, but this evergreen hedge reduces air pollution and easily survives during the stress of extended droughts. Ligustrum shrubs are salt water tolerant and can even be planted near the ocean sand dunes where salt water spray doesn’t even effect it. During the spring and summer, white, fragrant flowers perfume the air, and are followed by purple berries a convenient food source that attracts nesting song birds as the berries begin to ripen. Many house owners plant single Ligustrum plants in containers for growing inside in low lighted areas, and Ligustrum is easy to prune into dramatic topiary forms that can be grown in containers or either planted out of doors in the landscape near door entrances. For a limited time you can order your privacy hedge of Ligustrum and get free shipping which is a 25% overall discount on your order. Order Ligustrum plants year round from Ty Ty Nursery for fast shipment and delivery right to your doorstep.

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