Permaculture Transforms Industrial Agriculture Farm into Biodiverse Eco Farm


John from goes on a field trip to Guara Ki Eco Farm in South Florida to share with you how this former industrial agriculture based farm has been turned into a biodiverse eco farm with a diverse range of plants, edible crops, improved soil and local flora and fauna.

In this Episode, John shares with you the properties around this permaculture food forest farm and shares his opinions of conventional, industrial agriculture. You will learn how standard field crops and tree crops can Guara Ki Eco Farm that has done something different with the property that was once a standard “industrialized farm”. You will discover a better way to do farming that works with nature instead of against it.

You will learn some of the varieties of fruits and vegetables that are grown successfully on the farm as well as some of the eco-friendly features the farm has implemented.

You wll get a special tour of their vegetable garden, and learn about some untended perennial vegetables that you can grow any time of year in South Florida.

Finally, John will sharw with you how you can stay at this eco farm when you are on vacation

After watching this episode, you will be familiar with how permaculture can be part of the solution to industrial agriculture and how it can regenerate the earth, one farm at a time.

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