Permaculture Paradise in South Florida Grows Food and Community


John from goes on a field trip to the Fruitful Field to share with you a permaculture food forest paradise in South Florida.

In this episode, John visits the Fruitful field, a urban farm that grows a permaculture food forest, a community garden, food for the community as well as has educational programs to get people connected back to nature.

In this episode, you will learn some of the edible vegetables and fruits that can be grown easily in South Florida. John will take you on a tour of this Urban farm showing you the different areas where they are growing food and how they are doing it.

You will see the community garden area that local people can start growing their own food. You will discover the vegetables that are most popular to grow with the local community.

Next, John will show you how they start their seeds and clone their plants at this urban farm. You will learn the one tool that is critical for starting seeds in sunny and hot South Florida.

John will next give you a tour of the permaculture food forest area, highlighting some of his favorite trees on the property that you many want to grow at your place.

John will then share with you some of the various field grown vegetables they are growing at the Fruitful field and why you may want to plant some of them in your South Florida garden.

Next John will share the class of edible vegetables he believes everyone should be eating often and why they are so beneficial.

John will also share his picks for the top edible fruits and vegetables that he would grow in Florida if he had a place there.

Finally, John will leave you with some words of encouragement that will help you to start growing your own food and becoming a producer in this consumer-driven society we live.

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