Perennial Flowers Growing Lavender


3 tips on how to successfully grow lavender by professional herbalist. Other tips can be found here on garden author Doug Green’s perennial flower website.

This amazingly fragrant herb is one of those plants that loves the full hot sunshine and well-drained rocky soils where this lavender farm is located.

The lavender plant has been growing in herb gardens for centuries and used as an antiseptic, aphrodisiac and a range of other uses that may or may not be a reason to grow. The fragrance is one of the top 5 most-used fragrances in the world, adding its magic to all manner of products.

Full sun, very well drained soils (clay soils kill this plant) and moderate climates for the most part. This garden is however in Canada and quite cold. Listen as the grower explains his techniques for overwintering this tender plant.

The fun thing about growing lavender is there is no reason to spray it for anything – it’s an organic gardeners best friend. So grow this herb for its fragrance as well as its culinary value (lavender cookies are to die-for!) :-)

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