Part 1 How to Get Free Plants From Your Existing Houseplants


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Part 1 Popular Houseplants Easy Propagation-Pothos,Philodendron,Plectranthus

Part 1 – Here is a easy way to keep your popular houseplants forever growing in your home. You always want backup plants per say.. so why not propagate some of your favorite houseplants.. It’s easy anyone can do this.. and you get free plants ..

Make sure and watch Part 2 – to see how the propagated houseplants done and to watch how to transplant them easily in pots..yes , yes , I sure did wait to long to plant them but nevertheless I bet they make it .. but wouldn’t recommend for everyone however.. Do your best and they’ll reward you with more plants to share , add to your collection, etc… #dianemummgardenvideos #pothospropagation #houseplants #philodendron #emeraldlace #plectranthus

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