It was about 15th of June, 2011 when I went to the unit I market in Bhubaneswar to have some seeds for our kitchen garden. The seller told me that the seeds would start having the fruits / vegetables in the plant within a period of one month. I thought, for his business he is just alluring me in such way and it will take at least two months to have the yields. I was aware that I will be in Bhuabaneswar till up to 25th June, then I said let me just wait for its yield. In between I went to Delhi and had to came back on again 4th July for some professional works. And as I understands it is not yet a month and see the cocumber plants having the cocumbers. Similarly I had planted the bitter gaurd and later on the ladies finger, beans and brinjals. You see the growth and the plants are now little bit ready for its crops. If any person have some space for kitchen garden, one must try and grow. One gets lots of pleasure and even got curious about the growth and the developments in the plants every day. In so far as putting time on it is concerned, it took hardly half an hour to one hour every morning from my usual daily routine works. I had never felt that the kitchen gardening ever took any of my valuable times.

One more interesting thing I must share, every day after returning home irrespective of my busy schedule, now I have developed a habit to go upstairs to see the developments in the plants in our kitchen garden. See the video. Prasanta Varma, Advocate, Supreme Court of India. Visit : http://www.prasanta.net

video source: www.youtube.com

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