Organic in the Garden – Starting a New Vegetable Garden From Scratch


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Organic indoor gardening is not hard as what you think. Even if you’re in a limited space, living in apartments or no vacant lot in your dwellings, you can still establish your indoor garden.

If your house have lots of windows and there is an available sunlight at least 5 -6 hours a day or even without sunlight as long as you’ve a fluorescent bulb around you don’t have to worry growing your plants, electric bulbs are also an energy source.

Now a days, it’s not hard to establish your organic indoor garden, because there are available supply of containers, some sources from your waste plastic containers, tin cans, foam, spare tires, and any materials you can use.

Most vegetables and herbs can be grown with these containers mentioned. There are plants that are small and some are big. You can match your plants with the size of the container, large plants needs s bigger container, while smaller ones in a small container.

Regarding your supply for soil mix or soil medium, there are available supply in your garden stores. Just inquire from your local agriculture extension agent where to get these materials to purchased. There are also some prepared soil medium available with the complete soil nutrients needed by the plants growth from planting to harvesting. So, you don’t have to worry anymore regarding the plant nutrition requirements. Each plant you decide to grow have each a specific soil nutrient needs, and this you should always ask for assistance from your local extension agent.

Plant care

Indoor plants are no so hard to grow. They’re adapted to the indoor environmental condition as long as there’s an available supply of sunlight or other energy source.

Before planting your seedlings to the individual pots, you should expose them first to gradual sunlight to make them adapted to the outside condition. It’s term as “hardening” meaning exposing the seedling to direct sunlight to hardened them. Others called it “acclimatization”, it’s just the same.

For the sizes of containers to specific plants, here are my suggested container sizes taken from my articles;

Recommended Container Size and Type/Crop

5 gal. window box – Bush beans, Lima beans

1 plant/5gal.pot, 3plants/15 gal. pot -Cabbage, Chinese cabbage

5 gal. window box at least 30 cm deep – carrot

1 plant/gal. pot – cucumber

5 gal. pot – Eggplant, tomato, okra

5 gal. window pot – Lettuce

1 plant/2gal. pot; 5 plants/15 gal. pot – Onion

5 gal. window box – Pepper, spinach

Container size for specific crops.

• Medium – Beans, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, broccoli

• Large – Cuccumber, eggplant, tomato, pepper, okra, squash, papaya

• Small – Onions, parsley, radish

Indoor Organic gardening is fun and entertaining and could provide you with all your kitchen needs of fresh vegetables and herbs right in your home. You’re sure you have a safe food because you’re the one who produced them.

Why not make it a habit to plant your own indoor organic vegetables, you’ll enjoy it.

Happy indoor gardening!

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