One MILLION views – Things coming soon and a Fun Contest!


1,000,000 views is an incredible number and I have to say thank you, so in this video you will find out what will be happening this Winter and in 2014 with announcements to 3 new series for the Spring. The contest is a fun simple thing to do. It is a quiz and all the answers can be found in my videos, and think of clues in the questions. Here they all are:

1) What was the date of my first video?
2) What are the 3 important w’s for preparing raised beds?
3) How much is the minimal amount of natural sunlight tomatoes need a day?
4) What is the first problem that I say that people do to make pepper flowers fall?
5) How many beans do you need in the recipe ‘Cheesy beans’?
6) What would you like to see more of on HuwsNursery?

You have until December the 15th at 11:59pm for any country local time. Even if you get 3 right you could still be in a chance of winning if no one else beats that. If more than one person gets the correct answer a name will be drawn out of a hat and the winner will receive a prize. Comment down below listing each individual answer per line and don’t forget to like the video! The contest is available to international viewers too, good luck!

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