One Marjoram Per Household – HuwsNursery’s Bee Campaign


*Note I’m talking about Marjoram/Oregano the perennial Herb* Also knows as Origanum vulgare, Wild Marjoram, Pot Marjoram, English Marjoram, Wintersweet
I have been a supporter of bees for a couple of years now by planting more flowers wherever possible but I am now trying to make as much bee-friendly habitat as possible to save the Honey and Bumble bees as well as hover-flies to make sure that they have a better supply of flowers for them to pollinate which would benefit both us humans and bees, did you know it would cost the UK alone billions of £’s to hand pollinate vegetables and trees, which would make fresh fruit and veg much more expensive and then meat as you need to feed the cows then massive hunger problems, do your bit today by supporting the bees by getting one Marjoram plant for your Garden, you can buy the plants cheaply from a garden center and I will be giving away seeds later on, please please share this video on your Facebook and other social networking sites for your friends and family to know and tell them to share it for other people to know, and so on, bees are the heart of nature, and it is a life threatening cost to lose them. Tell me in the comment below once you have a plant and a website will be up at a later date, you can get Oregano seeds at a good price online

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