New Series! Pepper Growing Series


So this is a different style of video that I usually do and any feedback on what you think about it would be great, I am starting this series off showing my ownly chili/pepper that I have but in future videos I will be growing, testing and even tasting all sorts of sweet and hot peppers from seeds that I’ve brought and had as gifts, I will also be making videos on tips to make them grow better and time lapse so I’m really excited, you wont see much of this series untill Febuary where I will be starting seeds early indoors, If you have any spare seeds please tell me as I would love to grow them and I will sort out something in return. If you are good at identifying peppers please tell me on Facebook where I’ll post a photo as I was given this plant with no variety label, the first seeds on my Facebook contest have been won and please help me out in future contests and also to check out this great channel: and he has a great contest going on

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