Nephthytis or Nepthytis? Sprucing one up with Meghan


A clip from 1992: I’ve always enjoyed teaching interested children about plants. Meghan has brought one from home for me to help her out with. Restoring an scraggly-looking plant is rewarding.
One correction: At the end of this short, I recommend cutting back your vining plants about every 2 months which is a good idea. It should be done selectively with several vines but not the whole plant!
The Nephthytis is often pronounced as nep-thigh-tis and and sometimes misspelled, even by me, in our graphics on the show. The correct spelling is Nephthytis!

There is more information on this wonderfully easy-to-grow plant, if you click on the link below to “The Indoor Garden” blog:

Lots of other great indoor plant info on the blog, too.

Please feel free to ask questions about your plant in comments.

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