Moringa Oleifera Indoor Grow


All Organic Indoor Moringa Oleifera Grow started under 100watt(actual usage) 6500k spectrum CFL Grow Light.. 5000k spectrum should work also, just remember to keep the lighting as close as you can.. 16/8 light schedule.. Planted seed in soil(Fox Farm Happy Frog) on 8/20/12
Light has been kept around 4-5inches from top of plant to help prevent stretching and to try and promote tighter internode spacing for a shorter bushier plant… Thats the idea anyway..
This is great way to give your moringa plant a kick start if you happen to live in a warm climate and plan on moving it outdoors..
Its a good idea to grow a bunch of these if you plan on quick harvesting..(every 2-3 months) after which it should grow back again ready for another harvest in the same if not shorter amount of time..
At around 30inches in height or higher the leaves are ready to eat..
When doing a quick harvest cut the stem at the bottom leaving roughly 4-7 inches of stem.. It will grow back just as big in a couple of months..

I was fortunate to have been born and raised in Hawaii were the Moringa or as we called it the Malunggay plant or tree was part of our culture.. I had no idea it was in fact The Superfood amongst Superfoods! Spread the word!

Moringa Nutritional Values (Raw Leaves vs Dried Powder)

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