**’Meyeri Foxtail Fern Plant** ++Asparagus densiflorus Meyeri FERN Plants++


http://www.tytyga.com/product/Foxtail… The ‘Meyeri’ foxtail fern plant, Asparagus densiflorus ‘Meyeri’, is and excellent perennial plant that will withstand below freezing temperatures, if the fern is planted out of doors in a sheltered spot. Fox tail ferns can be planted in beds whether outside or grown indoors in containers or to grow as hanging baskets, however, this plant is not a true fern, even though it looks ferny with its long frond-like leaves that taper at the ends like a fox tail. The fox tail fern has light green colored leaves that in the summer form tiny flowers that develop into round green seed forms shaped like an English pea, that when planted will germinate into a tiny fern like fox tail fern plant, unlike true ferns that grow from spores. As mentioned above the round green seed that form in the margins of the leaves may be grown into adult plants. These Meyeri foxtail fern plants can be grown outside in the landscape in Florida, Georgia, Texas and other mild States.

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