Materials for Raised Garden Beds


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make a raised garden bed with different materials! Raised garden beds are one of the most popular and easiest ways to grow a vegetable garden, and building these ideal gardens can be done using a variety of materials. If you’re gardening on a budget, pressure-treated wood is the least expensive option to pursue. Durable in all kinds of weather and long-lasting, research has shown that this type of wood poses essentially no risk to the food growing near it. For those who wish to pursue more organic raised bed gardening, cedar is a better choice. Although this type of wood isn’t as long-lasting and is more expensive than pressure-treated wood, cedar will still provide years of vegetable gardening. Concrete blocks are even more expensive than cedar wood, but are extremely durable and can serve as lovely decoration. Composite decking lumber is a great option for a long-lasting raised garden bed. It’s extremely durable and rot resistant, and won’t lose its color over the years either. Although the cost is higher than wood, its appearance and durability may make it worth the cost. Build your own DIY raised garden beds and let us know which option works best for you!

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