Massive Carrot Harvest #123 Heirloom Organic Vegetable


Absolutely insane Heirloom Organic carrot harvest, these are the biggest carrots I’ve ever grown and I’ve never gotten this much before out of 72 running feet of carrots.

The Heirloom Dragon carrots this year are much bigger than last year and next to no splitting like last year, over 50lbs.

I estimate I’ve grown over 200+ lbs of carrots this year, I’ve got a lot of hours ahead of me processing this massive harvest, it’s going to take me days.

What is Planted In My Heirloom Organic Garden This Year & Where It Came From

Stowell’s Evergreen Heirloom Corn

American Purple Top Heirloom Rutabaga

Detroit Dark Red Heirloom Beet

Velour Bush Heirloom Beans

Green Arrow Heirloom Peas

Black Beauty Heirloom Zucchini

Blue Lake Bush Heirloom Bean (Green)

Winter Spaghetti Heirloom Squash

Harris Model Heirloom Parsnip

Colourful Heirloom Carrots

Dragon Heirloom Carrots

Golden Heirloom Wax Bean

Tomatoes ( I have no idea my buddy mixed them up this year)


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