Kitchen Gardening – Raised Seed Bed


Soil is the important factor in farming. Its quality depends upon the nutrients and micro organisms in it. Access to quality soil for cultivation is a challenge in urban area where availability of land is limited. Chemical intensive cultivation and chemical use in our day today life already damaged the soil health. To regain the soil health to produce healthy food thus becomes a task. Organic farming always stress the need for regaining and sustaining the soil health. There are many ways to attain this. One such method is preparation of Raised Seed Bed. This is a low cost method of soil preparation with locally available resources. These seed beds can supply enough vegetable to meet a families’ needs, provided adequate care is provided. This beds normally productive for 3 years with less nutrient inputs.

This video is not a tutorial, it is meant to motivate people to ignite their imagination and creativity to protect the health of soil. This video is meant for promotion of SAFE FOOD campaign and to motivate people to create sustainable systems for ensuring access to SAFE FOOD.

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