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Discover what can make us really happy. Experience the joy of real togetherness in today’s world.
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The joy of real togetherness is truly unparalleled when you step aside from the digital world and start connecting with people to build real relationships. #RealTogetherness is about spending real time with real people in the real world. It’s about disconnecting from the virtual and taking time out to connect with Kith and kin.
Kissan’s campaign, Kissanpur, aims to help people discover the world of real joy. Watch our new film and see how a small action and a handful of tomato seeds can get an entire society together. The act of nurturing and caring for the tomato plant together can bring the sense of belonging and help us build real relationships with each other.
Kissan’s mission with Kissanpur is to help us connect to our roots and to experience the joys of the real world. So come, join us in this journey. Grow a tomato plant with your family and friends, and experience real nature. Register with us to start the journey.

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