Is it Ever Too Late to Grow Food? Baltimore Community Garden Tour


John from visits Clifton Park in Baltimore, Maryland to share with you the Clifton City Farm Community Garden and Charm City Food Forest.

In this episode, John will share his ideas about is it EVER too late to grow food? He will also give you a tour of the community garden and what we can learn from the visit. You will learn how they are creating fertility using local free resources. You will discover the vegetables that grow BEST in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas without any major issue. You will also learn how to conserve space by growing vertically.

John will also share his ideas on how to get your gardening growing better if it is not growing that well. He will also share his tips on the best vegetables you should grow and some you might not want to grow.

Next, John will show you around the Charm City Food Forest. He will share his opinions on if a food forest or raised bed garden is better.. You will also get a tour of the food forest and some of the edible crops that are growing in this newly established food forest.

Finally, John will harvest a black walnut and crack it in half and eat a not-fully ripe black walnut.

After watching this episode, you will better learn Johns philosophies on growing food at home, his thoughts on when you should grow food, and much, much more.

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