Indigo Rose Tomato see how they have grown


Wow, look how our Indigo Rose tomatoes have grown….
The first batch we planted did not survive, but 4 of the second set of seeds we planted made it and the plants are full of tomatoes.

The Indigo Rose Tomatoes look like they are getting a little fried, so we are moving them into a location in the yard where they will have some shade during the day. I had 1 tomato rot on the vine, I don’t see why it did that, no worm holes in it or bugs it was just rotten and not very large.
Thank you Mr. Green we really appreciate the Indigo Rose Tomato seeds, we have enjoyed watching them grow and cannot wait until these are ready to eat.

Green Universe – Below is the link to Mr. Green’s page:

I hope you enjoyed this video, I have more pictures of the Indigo Rose Tomatoes on my FB page, so please drop by any time.
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